grower in a sentence

Some 6,000 growers have laid siege to streets in and around Brussels.

Oregon growers already provide pot to medical marijuana dispensaries.

California growers provide 80 percent of the global supply of almonds.

Oregon is going to lead the nation, said cannabis grower William Simpson.

He’s not the only one, as growers and retailers have turned on each other.

The union has represented all Beaujolais winegrowers for the past 60 years.

The P.E.I. Strawberry growers Association says the crop this year looks good.

Research advancements have made it more profitable for growers and retailers.

growers think it’s some rocket science that no one else can do, but it’s not.

Some of our growers may need to adjust the timing of seed drilling and harvest.

Corn refiners say sugar growers benefit from generous U.S. government subsidies.

But when the price spikes, as it did dramatically in 2010, the growers get busy.

Cotton was opening bolls, and many growers were spraying fields with harvest aids.

Most growers are reluctant to discuss their methods for getting their squash to expand.

The caramel apple producers sourced their apples from a single, California-based grower.

growers are working in conjunction with business owners to pick, process and press olives.

Vegetable growers were harvesting peas, corn and tomatoes to sell at local farmers markets.