grow hot in a sentence

Meanwhile the battle was growing hot again.

The sun grows hotter moment by moment.

The sun seemed to have grown hotter .

The day grew hotter and the flies more troublesome.

The sun was out and day grew hot .

She felt her face grow hot and he laughed.

What will motivate us to grow hot ?

And the lights grew hotter around Smith ‘s table.

Emma’s heart began to pound, and she grew hot .

At the sight of him, Alexandra grew hot .

She grew hot and pink-faced and sweaty.

Under the hood, Buick Gran Sports grew hotter .

The sun began to grow hot , and I was very uncomfortable.

They descend into Nuristan: it grows hot .

It grew hotter all the time.

Sarella felt her body grow hot .

Masklin felt his ears growing hot .

She grew hot at the thought of his strong hands performing such intimate tasks.

Shelley, at the front, felt herself growing hot as he approached.

Unfortunately an island working day needed to be swiftly curtailed once it grew hot .

Her cheeks were growing hotter .

Her face was growing hot .

I lay in our bed at first, my face growing hot with anger.

She could feel her face growing hotter and hotter and her bottom just throbbed.

Belinda grew hot at once.