groundbreaking in a sentence

Such a groundbreaking and consistently influential program deserves one.

For the record, that groundbreaking game 29 years ago ended in a 0-2 loss.

That the conference was legitimately groundbreaking is a case I have myself made.

groundbreaking changes are sweeping across our startup and venture communities.”

In a separate opinion, Roberts cast the court’s decision as dangerously groundbreaking.

It can take the passage of time to clarify just how unique and groundbreaking they were.

The groundbreaking U.N. inquiry forced Pyongyang to discuss an issue it usually disdains.

The beat isn’t compelling or groundbreaking, but it’s catchy, and we’ve all heard it before.

And the addition of this powerful natural voice assistant on the desktop is groundbreaking too.

Yet he has a history of groundbreaking films that changed America and the world and my own life.

They were going for some super groundbreaking and innovative health tracking stuff, said Bakalar.

And he has a groundbreaking new prescription for how to relate: the power of powerless communication.