grocery store in a sentence

The tights are another grocery store pair .

The grocery stores were almost completely bare.

He was a grocery store manager aged 31.

Not every grocery store follows this plan exactly.

grocery store and outdoor shop are conveniently located onsite.

Black tights are my grocery store pair .

Southwest Detroit has many independent grocery stores .

The typical grocery store brands tend to have additives.

Most grocery stores carry more than just food.

Try shopping at the local grocery store .

Almost every grocery store has some form of organic food.

No more trips to the grocery store .

I made another visit to the grocery store today.

Our local grocery store even carries it.

Her parents owned and operated a grocery store .

Most towns have small grocery stores with basics essentials.

Oil purchased at the grocery store lacks beneficial fatty acids.

Most packages in the grocery store are 8 ounces.

Several men who owned local grocery stores were also arrested.

Make signs for a pretend grocery store .

Earlier she had run a grocery store .

Fourteen banks and one grocery store were robbed.

It was later used as a traveling grocery store until 1962.

This grocery store grew into a thriving business.

They buy soup at the grocery store .