grimly in a sentence

She stared grimly at the empty cupboards.

“Well, it’s not going to work, so we might as well give up,” he muttered grimly.

The second set turned out to be the key to the final with Goffin grimly holding on.

Sometimes absurdly silly and just as often grimly severe, but always aiming to be of interest.

He insisted that I keep going, and grimly, I did.

King Cymru grimly aids him, considering Blodwen’s betrayal an affront to his honour.

An operator grimly replied, “We put two rounds in their forehead, the dead don’t need handcuffs.”

While imprisoned in his room, Jesse tried the Word on T.C. again and was grimly satisfied to see it work.

However, he declines, grimly stating that their past lives aren’t important and that they all died when their plane crashed.

He is still grimly trying to damage Demir and even gives Zafer a hint that the way to apply pressure on Demir is through his wife.

When the streets of Amsterdam are grey and rainy, people of Amsterdam whisper grimly “Echt Breitnerweer” (Typical Breitnerweather).

He was unsuccessful in preventing the possessed from gaining a foothold on the planet, but became grimly determined to defeat them.