Grievous in a sentence

use Grievous in a sentence


[adjective] Causing fear or anxiety; brutal or cruel;

We extend our deepest condolences on this grievous loss to Lady Jakobovits and to their entire family.

God is gracious to forgive all sins – even grievous sins – and we should be forgiving as well

He suffered grievous head injuries from which he will never fully recover.

From a tactical point of view, it was a grievous error.

I see I have committed a grievous error, ” he said, sounding amused.

There were two grievous defensive efforts leading to this goal.

At the trial, the charge was reduced to grievous bodily harm as a result of plea-bargaining and without informing or consulting the family.

He was grievously injured in the battle, and later died in hospital.

Many women also face grievous health risks at their jobs, and work long hours for low pay.