gravel in a sentence

Another deterrent around a house is gravel .

We set off again along the gravel paths.

Both roads were graded and gravel surfaced.

Their pavement varies from gravel through asphalt.

His voice sounded like chains being dragged through gravel .

The path is gravel and is relatively easy terrain.

The soil is primarily gravel with excellent drainage.

A few side roads were lined with gravel .

Turn almost immediately left again down the gravel track.

Houses here were built in gravel pits .

Big yellow school buses crawl along the gravel roads .

The paths are simple gravel or light grey concrete.

Wooden grave markers were replaced and gravel was laid.

The floor is gravel covered with rugs.

A popular fishing hole and former gravel pit.

Breeding sites have been either reservoirs or gravel pits.

The rest of the tank is medium sized gravel .

The beach is wide and is fine gravel rather than sand.

It soon becomes a gravel road so drive carefully.

A large wagon was used to haul in gravel .

The material varies in composition from clay through coarse gravel .

A curving fan of steel pushes through the gravel .

Lots of washed gravel is so important.