graffiti in a sentence

It may change peoples viewpoint about graffiti .

Each graffiti is a small radio station.

There are many common factors between public graffiti and art.

The remaining external walls were covered with graffiti .

Old scratched graffiti is visible in places.

The palace has ancient graffiti and possesses low windows.

Modern graffiti art often incorporates additional arts and technologies.

These aggressive acts of graffiti serve neither memory nor victim .

graffiti collection is a life story collection .

Especially easy targets have been painters producing graffiti .

Initially the collective was mainly involved in graffiti .

What is art and what is graffiti ?

A piece of graffiti started appearing around the school.

The graffiti appeared in green and white.

Trains and stations were covered in graffiti .

Philadelphia has a long history of graffiti culture.

Moss graffiti is not difficult to accomplish.

He covered her body with colourful graffiti .

Informal inscribed texts are ” graffiti ” in its original sense.

Williams said that the complexes had relatively little graffiti .

Rock and roll graffiti is a significant sub genre.

The graffiti on the mounted animal heads.

Cool graffiti effect backgrounds straight on your device!

The graffiti are usually made under a pseudonym and without permission.

A videotape showing the graffiti was played in court.