graduating in a sentence

Alex, the narrator, moved to Williamsburg after graduating from the Fashion Institute.

Students graduating from Dalhousie with heavy debt loads have an alternative suggestion.

DeLuca decided to open a sandwich shop to help pay for college after graduating high school.

He grew up at Freedom, Okla., and attended schools there graduating from Freedom High School.

Clinton worked at the Children’s’ Defense Fund after graduating from Yale Law School in 1973.

The award recognizes a graduating senior at the school who shows literary ability and promise.

Shosh is struggling to find her footing after graduating college and entering the “real world.”

“There were 17 boys in our Monette High School graduating class of 1967 that went into service.

In a single graduating class from my school, 13 of my former students have now died from cancer.

He attended junior high and high school in Perryton, Texas, graduating from high school in 1956.

The two friends had been traveling after graduating from Seattle’s Garfield High School in 2014.

Not long after graduating, Saunders got into coaching to begin a long and winding path to the NBA.

22851 After graduating with the highest honors in 1996, Dr. Frame completed his residency at UCLA.

Dwight grew up in Cole Camp, Mo., and attended school there, graduating from Cole Camp High School.

But here a young person graduating from university has to work 60 years to save money to buy a flat.

All that can be said about the party without spoiling it for future graduating classes is four words.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Sanders moved to Vermont after graduating from the University of Chicago.

After graduating Lazarenko received a specialty of agronomist .