got on a train in a sentence

He got on a train and saw people in Berlin.

Seven hours later, Preston finally got on a train to Boston.

Next day, they went to the railway station, and got on a train .

My mother and my brother and I got on a train and went to California.

After the police had left on 14 July, Mancini got on a train to London.

It’s been just about 200 years since the first time a paying customer got on a train and went someplace.

got on a train to Leeds and met up with 2 other cadets from our Wing that were attending the camp.

We had been told horrendous tales of thuggees who got on a train after dark and murdered all the passengers in a compartment, but this did not disturb my sleep.

While the rings were retrieved, Lucy and the others got on a train to take Eustace and Jill to school, intending to use the rings on the way.

I did that until Elvis came out of the Army, and then we went back to work with him, went in and did the sessions, did an album in Nashville, got on a train , went to Miami and did the Frank Sinatra show.

Mr Hilton , a keep fit fanatic, was taken to Winchester railway station where he got on a train heading home to Eastleigh .

As Kozachik remembers it , they got on a train in the middle of the night and moved to Tucson, sight unseen.

I became homeless in London so I got on a train and ended up here; that’s all there is to it, really.’

” The next day I got on a train at Euston: our rendezvous was behind Lime Street station at a cheap Chinese restaurant.