Gospel in a sentence

What he says is Gospel.

They spread the Gospel all over the world.

The “passion pits” where teenagers necked was no place for the Gospel.

There are periods when the Gospel is popular and periods when it’s not.

No one worked harder than B.B. No one did more to spread the Gospel of the blues.

The Gospel of Luke says that when Jesus was a young man he “progressed” in wisdom.

Gospel musicians took center stage at the Melody Theatre to round out the evening.

A remarkable tenor, Rustin frequently sang Gospel and blues songs for his audiences.

Leadership students are giving the socks to the Tri-City Union Gospel Mission.

Earlier a group of about 75 people gathered to for Gospel singing and prayer in the park.

Their first stop was to church to listen to Kymani’s favorite kind of music, Gospel.

Of their album, Matt describes it as the whole Gospel wrapped up and the anthem to his life.

Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ through acts of compassion Put YOU On Your To Do List!

As is the case with any kind of music, both spiritual/Gospel and secular, it is ever-evolving.

First concert: Doug Oldham Gospel concert in the 1970s at the old East High School in Phoenix.

This picture of @Pontifex makes me think of the title of his encyclical: The JOY of the Gospel.

Whether or not this is true, by the end of the Gospel story Mary is present at the crucifixion.

Reverse mentoring is one tactic that could prove effective in spreading the data science Gospel.

Jerrell was a member of the Crossroads Baptist Church in Portia and the Sonlighters Gospel quartet.

I’d prepared I Need by Maverick Sabre but changed my mind at the last minute and sang a Gospel song.

The Gospel, in my perspective, instead of reaching the nations, was being funded to tame the nations.

You cannot reproach Pope Francis of not living the Gospel, or not preaching the truth of the Gospel.”

Elsewhere on tonight’s show, there were impressive auditions from Gospel groups Belkn and Silver Tone.