gold medal in a sentence

Australia also won four relay gold medals .

I got gold medals from those events.

She lost “our” gold medal .

Day after day gold medals were captured.

Only 13 countries right now have gold medals .

Pressure from governments to win gold medals .

She won gold medals in uneven bars and balance beam.

Then winning the world championship gold medal is so surreal.

Five different national teams have won one gold medal each.

This vast decorative painting earned him a gold medal .

Three students received gold medals for their academic achievements.

Two students were honoured with gold medals for outstanding academic performance.

He was awarded a gold medal in classics.

China finished second with 38 gold medals and 88 medals overall.

It has also won gold medals in international choir competitions.

She was eventually required to return her gold medal .

This time he won six gold medals .

Owens countered this by winning four gold medals .

Both pavilions were awarded gold medals for their designs.