gold medal in a sentence

He’s been awarded a gold medal once.

We congratulated him on winning a gold medal.

The Japan team won the gold medal in the game.

They awarded him a gold medal for his achievement.

We cried banzai at the news that he won the gold medal.

Finland is competing with Russia for the gold medal in hockey.

In 1991, Cuba hosted the Pan-American games, and won 140 gold medals.

Jamaica won the gold medal in the men’s 100 meter relay in the Olympics.

Daniel Igali won the gold medal bout in wrestling at the Sydney Olympics.

The team vowed before the national media to win the gold medal for their country.

The Swedish Olympic hockey team is anxious to play the Czechs again for the gold medal.

The Finnish Olympic hockey team is anxious to play the Czechs again for the gold medal.

Henderson was robbed of his gold medal by the brilliant performance of the Kenyan runner.

The entire nation celebrated when their soccer team came home with the Olympic gold medal.

Donovan Bailey’s greatest moment of glory came when he won two gold medals in the Olympics.

Oddly, as of the year 2000, Brazil has never won a gold medal in soccer at the Olympic Games.

In 1976, he won the gold medal in the Olympics, thereby achieving his greatest goal in sport.

The runner is appearing in this race fresh from her gold medal win in the World Championships.

The United States won the most gold medals and the most medals overall at the Athens Olympics.

The feeling of winning the gold medal after preparing for it all my life was simply indescribable.

Despatie’s last dive was simply outstanding and should clinch the gold medal for the Canadian diver.

The American basketball team is supremely confident that it will win the gold medal at the Olympics.

Simon Whitfield has joined the exclusive club of Olympic gold medalists with his triumph here today.

Gymnast Nadia Commanechi received perfect scores in her gold medal winning performance in the Olympics.

Ben Johnson lost his gold medal at the Seoul Olympics after an illegal substance was found in his urine sample.

Enthusiastic Canadian fans began to sing “O Canada” in the final minutes of the 2002 Olympics gold medal hockey game.

The triumphant Czech hockey team was welcomed by thousands of fans after their 1998 gold medal victory in the Olympics.