Gobbledygook in a Sentence

Definition of Gobbledygook

nonsense and being very technical or complicated to understand

Use Gobbledygook in a sentence

We asked the Attorney General today and we got a bunch of gobbledygook, it made no sense at all.

If you’re trying to impress me with all this technical gobbledygook, it’s not going to work.

All the explanation about the geometric shapes  sounded like total gobbledygook to the students.

It was two pages of gobbledygook, ” Hamers says. ” We could not understand it.

Tom was speaking about how to create a template on the screen, but it was all gobbledygook to me.

The research paper is full of  classic Web site gobbledygook, with lots of difficult pie charts and bar graphs.

they claimed to do it with electromagnetic force fields and other such gobbledygook.

I hate all the gobbledygook he talks about, about other things and Social Security System and the like.