glitch in a sentence

He is raising a big stink over a minor glitch.

183730 Dealers will update the radio software to correct the glitch.

‘ Angry ram takes down drone glitch creates itsy bitsy linebacker Ouch!

By all accounts, the flash crash was more than a mere technical glitch.

Although the new system works, there are glitches that keep him tinkering.

glitches were a meaningful human imprint that helped us to make that connection.

However, that was not the only glitch slowing down the intense sport’s Rio test.

However, it goes without saying that glitches aren’t always beneficial to a game.

Having the glitch doesn’t destine you to become obese but may predispose you to it.

I discovered vibrant, colorful glitch-art I couldn’t see through my inky-black rage.

Must have been a glitch in the system just as your daughter purchased that gift card.”

And as those glitches get resolved, the unit price of the plane will continue to go down.

313226 HU JINTAO, 2006 – Hu’s largely forgettable visit was most notable for the glitches.

Consumers who got snagged by the glitch will have extra time to finish their applications.

Gloomily, the Times reports on the “five-year glitch that leaves lovers feeling unsatisfied”.

But 8.0.1 came saddled with even more glitches, requiring Apple to pull it and push out 8.0.2.

It said the glitch was the result of an internal error, rather than of an external hack attack.

It’s important to note that investors were still able to buy and sell stocks despite the glitch.

Apple announced on Thursday that the feature is now on hold due to a glitch with iCloud backups.

A plan to kill ‘the glitch‘ Each time Matt asked for tool, Mitchell bought it at a store, she said.