give declare Amnesty in a sentence

use Amnesty in a sentence

To celebrate his twentieth anniversary in power, the President has declared an amnesty for all political prisoners.

The peace agreement calls for the guerrillas to turn in their weapons, in return for complete amnesty.

Former President Gerald Ford oversaw the evacuation of Americans in Vietnam, and gave amnesty to draft resisters of the Vietnam war.

The library has declared a month-long amnesty for all overdue books.

Now that the civil war is over, the government is expected to announce an unconditional amnesty for members of the various rebel factions.

A hospital in Scotland has announced an amnesty on medical equipment out on loan following a loss of medical gear worth thousands of pounds.

Thousands of former rebels have returned to their homes as a result of the government’s declaration of an amnesty for all soldiers.

The government has announced an amnesty for all illegal immigrants living in this country, stating that they will be allowed to stay if they register with immigration.

An official at NASA has called on the government to offer an amnesty to whoever returns a stolen four-billion-year-old moon rock worth about $5 million.

The President has declared an amnesty for all those who fought with the rebel army.

The President has granted an amnesty to all those prisoners who were not involved in crimes of violence.