geographical || in a sentence

The lands of Mali cover several geographical zones.

Jordan has three geographical areas, each with its distinctive physical features.

The African continent is home to an astonishing geographical and cultural diversity.

During the post-war period in America, barriers to social and geographical mobility were breaking down.

The Grand Canyon is a geographical wonder.

Furthermore, it is the largest generator of tourist dollars in the state.

During the post-war period in America, barriers to social and geographical mobility were breaking down, and new groups were trying to enter the mainstream of social life.

Because it is geographically isolated, Lesotho has managed to avoid many of the recent wars, racist policies, and political instability that have troubled most of the African c
Ufa lies in the Urals, the geographical border between Europe and Asia.

Instead, London has taken that place in the geographical fashion board game.

He evinced no better discipline in government jobs as a geographical draftsman.

We are connected Our province is large geographically, but our population is small.

Rhodes explained that the president meant geographically contained in Iraq and Syria.

Anbar is geographically Iraq’s largest province making about one third of the country.

At night, the phone’s screen reflects constellations visible from your geographical location.

Of course, because of the geographical situation, Nepal isn’t the best place to be right now.

But it gives me the creeps and, as such, I don’t have the clearest sense of it geographically.

Both by the way they are historically imagined as well as how they are geographically designed.

He clues us in to the spirit of civic ambition that drove Seattle’s geographical transformations.

It’s the geographical center of China and also the gateway to Western China and countries beyond.

When you are as cut-off geographically as Staylittle, getting cut-off in other ways is frustrating.

In essence, Groveland and the Groveland Four are neither geographically nor temporally close to UCF.

The first point concerns the geographical scope of the ruling — the so-called territoriality issue.

“We don’t elect parties, we elect individuals to represent a particular, geographically-bounded area.

They will be able to apply any changes in particular geographical areas or to chosen business sectors.