Genuinely || in a sentence

Vanessa was obviously genuinely sorry for hurting your feelings.

I think Margaret was genuinely upset that you didn’t phone her last night.

I don’t think he is genuinely interested in European history, he just took the course because he heard it was an easy three credits.

Goforth’s wife, Kathleen, looked genuinely moved by their attendance.

18056 A deeply soulful and erudite man who genuinely loved the theatre.”

So when I genuinely say ‘I love what I do’, it’s because I love what I do.

Politicians can be genuinely insincere despite the face they like to wear.

Unless this was genuinely a coding mistake, but that seems far less likely.

Then it is time again for her to pay focus on what she genuinely wants to do.

But it is unusual to find ones that genuinely elicit an esprit of time and place.

He complimented the host as a “genuinely nice person” who “let him off the hook.”

Some of the traditional species might not, in fact, be genuinely distinct, he added.

Rather, she is genuinely excited to talk about what it feels like when she’s running.

I myself have genuinely held religious beliefs, the judge said, but, “I took an oath.”

I have genuinely felt safe here and I am normally very paranoid about stuff like this.

“I genuinely worry about the consequences that my agreeing to serve will have on them.

“He seemed to genuinely like people and care about people, and that resonated with me.”

720265 The first real scare of the movie is genuinely startling, because it’s so weird.

As you can tell from the video, Tillman appears to genuinely enjoy riding his skateboard.

I shuddered, hoping he was wrong, but he then gave me a genuinely useful piece of advice.

I’ve genuinely not spoken to anyone above me or to anyone in the team about Kevin, he said.

333941 “I genuinely worry about the consequences that my agreeing to serve will have on them.

People like Steinke because he seems to be a genuinely humble man despite his accomplishments.

843883 This is all genuinely intriguing if still far from ready, at this point, for prime time.

132642 But once, when she praised his work, he smiled and seemed genuinely surprised, she said.