genuine in a sentence

This dated publication provides genuine experimental data.

His genuine given name is never revealed.

The prime minister was indicating genuine interest .

That kind of effort has genuine value.

Your article is truly original and genuine .

There has been a genuine supply shock.

Or are children capable of genuine spirituality?

All genuine knowledge originates in direct experience.

Once more genuine issues of principle arose.

Ethical conduct must reflect genuine values and beliefs.

The boundary limitations of genuine mankind became uncertain.

Several behaviors present themselves to suggest factors beyond genuine problems.

We believe retail services are best performed by genuine postal employees.

Stewart is a genuine rock star here.

The moderate man is the genuine king.

One in every eight bombs was genuine .

There are few genuine local channels and few independent channels.

This also often features genuine regional slang.

There is no true communication without genuine incarnation.

But a few winners are actually genuine celebrities .