gentleman || in a sentence

His manners proclaim him a gentleman.

He is not what is called a gentleman.

He is what you call a fine gentleman.

A gentleman would not do such a thing.

A gentleman would not say such a thing.

He has grown up to be a fine gentleman.

As she is a lady, so he is a gentleman.

His manners aren’t those of a gentleman.

His manners are not those of a gentleman.

A gentleman would not spit on the street.

We had a friendly talk with the gentleman.

He described the man as a model gentleman.

His manners were not those of a gentleman.

Any gentleman would not use such language.

He is certainly a model English gentleman.

I remember seeing that gentleman somewhere.

That gentleman over there is well spoken of.

Who is that gentleman to whom he is speaking?

He is a gentleman, handsome, clever, and rich.

A true gentleman would not betray his friends.

She was taken in by his gentlemanly appearance.

The man I saw yesterday was a complete gentleman.

He is a gentleman and ought to be treated as such.

It doesn’t become a gentleman to fuss over trifles.

Like a gentleman, he rose and offered her his seat.