genome in a sentence

Now we sequence several human genomes every few days.

Many genes are duplicated within a genome .

This number should approximate the “minimal genome “.

The company sequenced 50 genomes in 2009.

Wild type and deleted mitochondrial genome maps.

The complete mouse reference genome was sequenced in 2002.

The genome was fully sequenced in 2007.

The chimpanzee and human genome diverged 6 million years ago.

A fire ant genome was sequenced in 2010.

So far three turtle genomes have been sequenced.

The horse genome was sequenced in 2007.

genome organization within this group varies considerably.

The human genome only has 3 billion base pairs.

genome sequencing studies are finding cohesive data on .

The genome was sequenced ahead of schedule .

Human genome was finally mapped in 2001 .

This includes shared genome markers and gross morphological characters.

The HIV genome presented several additional mysteries.

Two processes drive genome restructuring: 1.

The entire human genome is 3.2 billion base pairs .

Sequence was aligned to the human reference genome .

There is no evidence of genome doubling.

Ever heard of the human genome project?

The mutation rate across the mitochondrial genome is not uniformly distributed.

The genome of barley was sequenced in 2012.

Whole genome arrays are designed to cover the entire human genome.