genetic engineering in a sentence

genetic engineering allows scientists to more precisely improve plant characteristics.

These concepts are already being exploited in genetic engineering .

The process more closely resembles genetic engineering than organic development.

genetic engineering thus constitutes an important potential agent of environmental change.

Many ethical issues are raised by scientific development of genetic engineering .

The subject of genetic engineering should never be taken lightly.

genetic engineering may also provide options for generating resistance cultivars.

Artificial horizontal gene transfer is a form of genetic engineering .

genetic engineering is an important tool for natural scientists.

genetic engineering is used to create animal models of human diseases.

genetic engineering techniques have found success in numerous applications.

The company is primarily focused on genetic engineering of dairy cows.

Today, genetic screening is expanding due to genetic engineering technology.

Technically , clones aren’t really ” genetic engineering .

Hardier plants are generated through plant breeding rather than genetic engineering .

Why all the concentration on genetic engineering ?

ICI is in the vanguard of genetic engineering .

Several commentators praised its satirical elements with regard to genetic engineering .