generational in a sentence

These demographic factors are often associated with generational buying trends.

This is very much a generational problem.

Broad generational appeal across all three brands.

This can create divides along generational lines.

Polar bears exhibit low reproductive rates with long generational spans.

Thus did ecological explanations regain ground earlier lost to generational ones.

Here is where gender and generational divides gets somewhat interesting.

Another reason the carnage gets overlooked is generational .

Australian cricket has hit a generational low .

You understand what generational talent means right ?

Unlike income, both facets are generational .

What you may be describing is generational anger.

The solution to generational theft is to start ones own business?

This was a generational change of long term effect.

Residential segregation also leads to generational wealth disparities.

No generational differences were found in the narcissistic tendencies.

So there is no ” generational trend”.

A bit of this is generational perhaps .

Just a personal decision that is probably generational .

That generational curse had marked me as easy prey.

These are commonly used to optimize incremental scans in generational collectors.

I’ve never heard of generational anger before.

It is VERY much about generational abuse.

One caution, beware of generational differences.

This generational process is repeated until a termination condition has been reached.