general consensus in a sentence

After being outshone by Messi in previous years, the general consensus was that Ronaldo was a deserving winner.

In fact, start asking others in the organization for their perspectives to gather a general consensus.

In other words, there is a general consensus on this topic.

It is the general consensus that Bab is heartless.

The general consensus: The performance far bested the film.

It is the general consensus that the painting be assigned to Tabriz.

The club held its first awards evening and the general consensus was that the club was growing.

The general consensus appears to have been “no,” according to board discussion.

There is general consensus that the majority of chapters 1 3 are in fact Micah’s own (excluding 2:12 13).

This is not the general consensus, and even academics labelled as secular realize the merits of the work.

There was a general consensus to attack Egyptian forces throwing them off balance, but disagreed on how to do so.

Thus church boards, voter’s assemblies, general consensus, or pastoral rule are all valid forms of external church government.

773747 general consensus was that the show was in and of itself poor, but the music and talented cast made it entertaining. 30.6627

The general consensus seems to be “they’re big and scary, they come from Überwald, and if you stab them with a sword they don’t die.

These ill omens have led to a general consensus that an Apocalypse is nigh, in which a final desperate battle will be waged by all sides.

The general consensus among Seattle bicyclists was riding the city’s main southbound downtown thoroughfare just wasn’t worth the risk.