Garrison in a sentence

use Garrison in a sentence


[noun] a group of soldiers stationed in a place;

She led an army of over 100,000 Iceni towards the Roman garrison town of Colchester.

The garrison was forced to surrender.

A military garrison was maintained in the town until the summer of 1840.

During the Civil War the castle was a garrison for the Parliamentarians, the only Welsh town to support them.

Prey Pros was once a garrison for Cambodian government forces.

Built as a garrison town in the 1700s it is the largest town in Lochaber.

[verb] To station soldiers in a place for defence;

I have sent forces to garrison the small fortress there, and have set them to construct defensive walls.

The Spanish had more people here in the early 1700s when they garrisoned presidio San Jose with 1,200 soldiers and conscripts.

When the Arabs came and garrisoned the fort, they referred to it as’ the Saint of Damascus.’