garnering in a sentence

O’Brien handily won the election garnering 60% of the vote.

Bill Clinton won the 1992 OneVote, garnering 43% of the vote.

Results: King was re-elected to another term in the House, garnering 56% of the vote.

Despite a great effort by the Rhinos, they lost in the finals without garnering a win.

The film was generally well received by critics, the acting in particular garnering praise.

However the wines produced in Western Australia have been garnering more critical attention.

He remained with Basie until 1961, garnering some of the best exposure a blues and jazz singer could have.

Johnson won her 2004 election by a margin of 22%, garnering 60% of the vote to 38% for her Democratic opponent.

Buckner was fired after garnering the worst full-season record for a rookie head coach (a record since broken).

He attended Pleasant Valley High School in Chico, starting for two years at quarterback and garnering 4,421 passing yards.

This meant that the chances of garnering enough local financial support to run a large and prosperous institution were low.

What this theory fails to take into account is the prospect of overcoming these qualities by garnering support from other groups.