Garland in a sentence

use Garland in a sentence


[noun] a circular band or chain of flowers and leaves for ornamental purposes;

Around the central ‘rose’ there is a garland made up of Madonna lilies intertwined with Tudor roses.

She is wearing a garland of flowers and berries.

On finishing the speech he threw a garland into the air to the cheers of the crowd.

Peter was delighted to take the winner’s garland for the first ever race at Rockingham in front of photographers and TV cameras.

He too wears a green frosted berry garland around his neck.

Likewise a garland of flowers can be produced and placed around a grave in a cemetery.

The garland was laid at the altar in remembrance of Stratford’s past citizens.

The garland was made of paper or linen and embellished with coloured rosettes and streamers.

We will also be decorating the entrance with an artificial garland.