Gallant in a sentence

Use Gallant in a sentence

Gallant ;

Meaning: [adjective, noun]Brave; kind and polite towards women; A man concerned with his dress and appearance;

All the soldiers were gallant.

as she and Dallas talked about their lives, she found herself charmed by his open, honest nature and gallant approach.

After all, he was quite handsome and very gallant for young girls.

Hamilton was knighted for his gallant action.

He is a gallant older gentleman who can still make the young ladies admire him.

The man himself was dressed like a gallant, with silken hose, a soft crimson sash, gold epaulets on the shoulders.

A gallant warrior, brilliant, bold, and courageous in battle, Jamie was also a great leader.

They made a gallant fight to get into the second round of the F.A.

The gallant ogre Shrek sets forth to capture the beautiful Fiona, with amazing results.