gain support in a sentence

This heretical view is beginning to gain support .

The repeal effort gained support nationally and internationally.

This idea has failed to gain support among academics.

And the fledgling party is gaining support .

The new republic soon gained support from several agencies.

The new design is gaining support from multiple manufacturers .

These rebels gained support from Islamists overseas.

Their challenging of feminist legal and political gains supports this position.

It seems to be gaining support and momentum.

CR also has shown value by reducing costs and gaining support .

The promotion of sport gained support from other quarters.

Unfortunately, the committee idea failed to gain support .

He subsequently traveled to Japan and gained support .

It was done to gain support for American gun control laws .

The move, while gaining support , is not without controversy.

Bismarck’s scheme did not gain support outside Germany.

PANDA is gaining support slowly but surely.

The violent faction was gaining support with each new brutal police action.

Rescheduling has already gained support from the livestock community.

Let’s see if it gains support .

These three sought to gain support from the Hindu majority.

We managed to gain support from over 1,500 attendees .

He did not change his views in order to gain support .

Most organizers make an ongoing effort to gain support from labor.

During the war, the woman’s suffrage movement gained support .