Furtive in a sentence

Use Furtive in a sentence

Furtive ;

Meaning: [ adjective] trying to keep something secret;

He looked furtive in camouflaged trousers, a flying jacket and a hat with ear-muffs, like a soldier on some commando exercise.

Beginning to suspect what was amiss, I went and stood among them and listened to their furtive, secretive talk.

His furtive behaviour was, however, more like that of a desert bandit.

The scarf man casts a furtive glance, left then right, checking the alley for anyone eavedropping on their conversation.

He shook his head and cast a furtive glance around the library

This looks very furtive and appears to be an admission that you are doing something wrong.

There exists, in the office, increasing evidence of lying or other furtive behaviour.

He plucks the envelope and tucks it under his leg, fast and furtive.

They cast furtive glances over their shoulders.