furious in a sentence

When Santiago comes to see her, she is furious.

You’ll be furious, your eyes will start rolling!

David was furious with Sherry, and divorced her.

Seeing the two twins together, Fleg gets furious.

A shocked Tina confessed all to a furious Jacqui.

Friends report Dwina feeling furious and betrayed.

furious, Forrest ordered Buford back into Kentucky.

Boucher appeared distraught, and Donald was furious.

Public turned furious and burnt the wrestling arena.

Marc becomes furious and tells his mother to shut up.

Tranquillus is furious, but has no choice but to obey.

furious, Richie can no longer remain loyal to the boss.

October 1942 furious flew off more Spitfires for Malta.

furious, she decides to break up with Vince that night.

furious, Carrie reported her to the police for assault.

A furious Rowena finds the sisters gone the next morning.

Jim, furious, beats the American who had shot his friend.

Greenberg was furious and sold his share soon afterwards.

Reichenbach was furious and publicly aired his grievances.

He gets furious when he sees Sunaina and Chandan together.

Episode – 9 Harsha bua is furious with Sunaina’s behavior.

Fire from both fleets was continuous and fast and furious.

But Porter’s actions were met with furious counter-actions.

She also gets furious that Joon-soo pretended to be Sung-gu.

Meanwhile, Mel furiously tries again with her wizard stones.

Jake was furious and the act was considered to be traitorous.

She tends to use fast and furious methods in her firearm use.

When Natasha finds out, she is furious and calls off the sale.

Tyrol then enters his quarters and furiously trashes the room.

furious, Daz threw Victoria out of the car and drove off alone.

This was witnessed by Priven, who became furious with jealousy.

furious, he grabs her by the throat and starts to strangle her.

Loves checking on the Porpos-kin, furious Roar, and Auster Folk.

Brian was shocked and furious; he even tried to kill his brother.

The old Thane, William, and his four sons were naturally furious.