fundraising in a sentence

He has launched an on-line fundraising campaign with a goal of $100,000.

Williams’ fundraising includes a $24,414.86 personal loan to her effort.

Early this year, they set an aggressive fundraising goal of $100 million.

I never really referred to this as fundraising, Duffy said of the travel.

Clinton would only have to do 10 photo ops to reach that fundraising goal.

Completion of the equity fundraising is expected in early to mid June 2015.

The congressman would bring considerable fundraising power to a Senate run.

fundraising was not the primary goal or theme of the evening,” Doron said.

The need for the Salvation Army`s Christmas fundraising campaign is strong.

Good Shepherd meets $35,000 fundraising goal to expand operations Thank you!

Supplementing Thursday’s broadcast are several ancillary fundraising efforts.

The group is fundraising to fix the boiler through its Bluenose marathon site.

A fundraising page for Summer and their daughter has raised more than $25,000.

Jeb Bush’s fundraising leadership team blends family stalwarts with newer names.

The company has a fundraising department that helps people purchase the eyewear.

“The names of our bundlers are not terribly secret given our fundraising events.

Barbour said their robust fundraising lends his candidate additional credibility.

707415 The Democracy for America nod could help Sanders in the fundraising arena.

The rest is acquired through fundraising and generous supporters in the community.

A fundraising page for the athlete also received more than £31,000 but to no avail.

658979 Teachers say the new fundraising effort comes after years of re-binding books.