fully automatic in a sentence

It is a fully automatic portable mini gun.

The majority of such offline operations are fully automatic .

The next improvement was a fully automatic mule.

fully automatic fire is reduced to around 460 rounds per minute.

This is relevant for fully automatic weapons.

fully automatic firearms and explosive devices are prohibited.

The fully automatic procedure greatly reduces the cost of testing.

Fire fully automatic weapons in bursts when firing long range.

It has a fully automatic option for continual fire.

Its takeoff and landing is performed in fully automatic mode.

fully automatic markers fire continually when the trigger is pressed.

Only one police department was equipped with fully automatic weapons.

fully automatic X-ray inspection system is shown in figure 1.

Winding systems feature fully automatic roll and core handling systems.

fully automatic cameras and film cameras came into use.

A semi-automatic version of a fully automatic firearm.

The U3 line has fully automatic operation without drivers.

fully automatic weapons have been prohibited in Canada since 1977.

Also prohibited are fully automatic weapons and suppressors.

AR-15s are not fully automatic .

Several Marine units utilize modified rifles that support fully automatic fire capabilities.

The actual docking to “Zvezda” is fully automatic .

fully automatic and highly accurate video drop-out removal system.

fully automatic versions have a removable flash suppressor.

They could only be fired on fully automatic .