full day in a sentence

Take 30 full days to read and listen to everything.

This blog was condensed from a full day workshop.

full day for a great cause!

The first full day of veteran practice saw heavy activity.

So that was a pretty full day .

Do a full days work for once .

Day 4 Second full day of safari activities.

Plan at least two full days browsing through their 40 bookstores.

Loving all theses pups is a full days work.

The full day tour is a combination of both tours.

Two full days were set aside for the hands-on courses.

Regular hourly cruises, half days, evenings or full days .

The last full day before graduation is called Family Day.

full day ride costs 100 leks.

Five full days are dedicated to jaguar photography from boats.

It’s a full day of celebration!

The Council is holding a full day of meetings today.

Please stay posted for the full day‘s program.