Fulcrum in a sentence

Use Fulcrum in a sentence

Fulcrum ;

Meaning: [noun] the point on which a bar which supports turning or lifting something ;

The fulcrum is the leverage point where you get the most control and balance for use of your tool with the least amount of effort.

Account managers are the fulcrum of the account team.

He chose to place a hammer under the crowbar to create a makeshift fulcrum and obtain greater leverage.

Make sure that the fulcrum is close to one end of the ruler.

The Home page is the fulcrum of your site’s navigation.

By moving the fulcrum nearer to the load, you can lift a large load with only a little effort.

By changing the position of the load, effort and fulcrum, you find three different arrangements.

The Hayward Gallery acts as a fulcrum in visual culture, a bridge between the experimental and the established.

That help came from an unexpected source is the fulcrum of the story and is a challenge to all of us.