freestyle in a sentence

He won the 2005 state junior freestyle title.

The fifth event is the “whole freestyle ” event.

He went 2500 meters freestyle at altitude under 30 minutes.

The freestyle frame is another setup used by aggressive skaters.

Men’s 100 m freestyle bronze medal.

Kurt Angle 1996 freestyle wrestling gold medalist.

The waves will provide for high quality freestyle kayak surfing opportunities.

He won the ballet freestyle competition in 1974.

Today body rolls are an integral part of every freestyle routine.

These two gentlemen are credited with creating formal disc freestyle competition.

This would later be called “playing freestyle “.

Music critics commented on the freestyle rap.

The longer freestyle events vary in lengths in each season.

This school studies a freestyle form of martial arts.

The origin of the name ” freestyle ” is disputed.

New freestyle releases are popular with enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

The professional freestyle skiers were attempting to break a world record .

They finish off with a short freestyle session .