free trade in sentences

Does a free trade zone imply an abolishment of controls?

Their abolition saw a significant increase of free trade.

We stand against free trade.

High tariffs are the chief obstacles to free trade.

The President is hoping to sway public opinion in favor of free trade.

Japan has been one of the greatest beneficiaries of the free trade system under the GATT regime.

free trade was supposed to bring greater wealth to the poor of Mexico, but it has failed miserably.

I think this government has been almost fascist in its treatment of demonstrators against free trade.

Representatives of a number of countries convened last month, and formalized agreements on free trade.

Many people feel that the North American free trade Agreement has mainly resulted in the exportation of jobs to Mexico.

The hostile environment of free trade talks between the two countries is expected to worsen due to the poor state of their economies.

They have had to make their operation more efficient and competitive as they strive to succeed in the international marketplace opened up by free trade.

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That’s right, in free trade talks, the concessions are actually the gains.

But the country now has a new president who is intent on pushing free trade.

What has prompted the growing support for free trade in the Republican Party?

The next day, he’ll promote free trade at Nike headquarters outside Beaverton.

The two leaders also promised to speed up talks over an EU-India free trade pact.

“A fair and comprehensive free trade deal promotes growth and prosperity in Europe.

The two countries began free trade talks in 2012 and reached a basic accord last July.

On top of that, Trump has proposed rolling back major free trade agreements such as NAFTA.

The deal would “create a new high standard for multilateral free trade,” she said at the time.

Bush and a businessmen delegation were in a two-day visit to talk about a free trade agreement.

Contact your members of Congress immediately and tell them free trade should not cost our health.

The resumption of a stalled India-EU free trade agreement is likely to be one point of discussion.

They are more skeptical about the benefits of immigration and free trade than the rest of the field.

Cobden campaigned for free trade in his agitation against the Corn Laws.