fraternity in a sentence

He said fraternity membership costs around $475 annually.

Battles put fraternity brother against fraternity brother.

The criminal fraternity have often featured here.

Human relationships should involve fraternity and honesty.

The fraternity tradition still has pockets of interest.

The fraternity colors are light blue and dark blue.

The fraternity colors are wine and silver blue.

The fraternity houses were renovated in 2009.

The international hunting fraternity remains a powerful force behind conservation today.

The technical fraternity refused to accept the final verdict.

This is definitely not a harmless college fraternity .

There was great interest shown by the writing fraternity .

Everything seems wonderful until they discover the fraternity living next door.

The event caused the fraternity to face disciplinary actions.

All property of the former fraternities was confiscated.

The fraternities of these universities accepted such students.

The fraternity once provided classifications for honorary and exalted honorary membership.

It never was simply another fraternity to be invited.

The new local fraternity dissolved in 1971.

Clarkson social fraternities began organizing on campus in 1903.