forthcoming in a sentence

Preparations continue for the forthcoming celebrations.

Find someone who knows the chemical formula for water.

The band met with the rock music press to discuss their forthcoming album.

He has been quite busy preparing his affairs for the forthcoming conference.

The actor held a press conference to talk about his forthcoming autobiography.

The governor has announced that he will retire before the forthcoming election.

She has recently appeared at a number of film festivals promoting her forthcoming film.

My boss told me that additional funds for the project would be forthcoming within a few days.

It is not certain whether any response to our query will be forthcoming within the immediate future.

An announcement of a major new policy initiative is expected to be forthcoming at this year’s annual convention.

Management has been very forthcoming in its discussions with the union and negotiations are proceeding quite smoothly.

Government officials expect that increased security measures will be forthcoming as a result of the terrorist attacks.

The Prime Minister needs to be a little more forthcoming regarding his Minister’s involvement in the scandal.

Her husband was very forthcoming regarding his affair with another woman, and promised his wife it would never happen again.

In August of 1943, a conference was held in Quebec City to discuss Allied plans for the forthcoming invasions of Italy and France.

Before investing further in the venture, we need to see some evidence of an increase in the profit margin.

So far, it has not been forthcoming.