foreplane in a sentence

1 The Wright Brothers began experimenting with the foreplane configuration around 1900.

2 The third batch were to be 10 Su-30MKIs featuring canard foreplanes .

3 The addition of chines also enabled the removal of the planned canard foreplanes .

4 It was a monoplane with a biplane foreplane and three short floats in tricycle layout.

5 The Fabre Hydravion of 1910 was the first floatplane to fly and had a foreplane .

6 In the close-coupled canard, the foreplane is located just above and forward of the wing.

7 Tailplanes and canard foreplanes are not normally included in this count, although they may be occasionally.

8 Pitch control is by operation of the foreplanes and flaperons, the yaw control is by rudder.

9 A tandem wing design has two wings, one behind the other: see Tailplanes and foreplanes below.

10 Some types have a horizontal “canard” foreplane ahead of the main wing, instead of behind it.

11 The term “canard” may be used to describe the aircraft itself, the wing configuration or the foreplane .The third batch were to be 10 Su-30MKIs featuring canard foreplanes.