foreign language in a sentence

foreign language acquisition and “summer vacations abroad” were encouraged.

A person that discussions foreign languages is actually important.

In high school a second foreign language is introduced.

Great attention is paid to studying foreign languages .

It is very useful for learning foreign languages .

Specifically pay attention to foreign language prerequisites.

The main foreign language spoken is English.

The primary foreign language taught is English.

There is no formal foreign language requirement for doctoral candidates.

Have you ever learned a foreign language ?

So far it has been translated into six foreign languages .

People want students to learn foreign languages .

He also knows several local and foreign languages .

In grades 7 and 8 provide regular instruction in foreign language .

foreign language is a language indigenous to another country.

Despite their isolation the doctors often speak foreign languages .

The resulting misunderstandings are endemic in the foreign language classroom.

The rise was especially notable in our foreign language examinations.

These include foreign language courses and courses on computer skills.

We must teach them some foreign language .

How many foreign languages are you able to write?

We grade people in foreign language classes .

foreign language is a graduation and college requirement.

Such is the current shortage of foreign language teachers.

The secondary foreign language of instruction is English.