Forehead in a sentence

Use Forehead in a sentence

Forehead ;

He wrapped a band of cloth around his forehead to keep the sweat out of his eyes.

The unicorn is a mythical beast which looks like a horse with a long horn coming out of its forehead.


The school nurse put a damp cloth on the young child’s forehead to help bring down his fever.

Blood was dripping from a cut on his forehead.

The sweat from his forehead was dripping into his eyes by the end of the game.

The accident victim had a large flap of skin hanging from his forehead, and seemed to be unconscious.

When I cut my forehead, the nurse put a cotton pad on the wound to stop the blood until the doctor could stitch it up.

Whenever Arnie gets angry, you can see a blood vessel pulsating in his forehead.

She fainted in the hot sun, and was revived after having a cold, wet cloth put on her forehead.

Scott was knocked senseless by a baseball that struck him in the forehead.

After playing badminton for an hour, Abdul was so hot that steam could be seen coming off his forehead.