— Forecasting — in a sentence

The weatherman is forecasting a beautiful sunny weekend.

Prophets have been forecasting the end of the world for centuries.

Weather forecasting is a fairly inexact science, one can never be 100% sure the weather report will be right.

The government is forecasting economic growth in the medicine and high-tech sectors as a result of this new legislation.

Excel 2016: One-click forecasting makes future trends easier to spot.

405553 It’s already forecasting an above-average flood watch for the Sierra Nevada.

This kind of forecasting effectively helps bring in resources before they’re needed.

The idea is to use real-time data from the field to make forecasting ultra-accurate.

AAA’s projections are based on economic forecasting and research by IHS Global Insight.

In April, the budget was forecasting an 83-cent loonie, on average, between now and 2019.

Environment Canada is forecasting a high of 33 C on Labour Day and 30 C on the first day of school.

CityNews meteorologist is forecasting a high near -6 C. Good morning T.O. Here are your 4:50am temps.

Now he is blatantly forecasting his next move, even though he has an entire season before free agency.