forced participation in a sentence

The spiritual mischief of a forced participation in the sacrament weighed much more heavily with men of reflection and piety.

Consequently, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has been highly supportive of individuals seeking exemption from forced participation in 12-step recovery.

We have taken a strong stand against the addiction treatment industry, as in this article in the Congressional Quarterly , and in some jurisdictions, Rational Recovery is specifically accepted in lieu offorced participation in recovery groups.

I provided information of fraud, global fraud, to Amway regarding Dexter Yager and both Fred Harteis, forced participation in the tool business, fraudulent income representations, and they took no action against Mr. .Harteis or Yager.

Peele, Stanton and Charles Bufe, Resisting 12-Step Coercion: How to Fight forced participation in AA, NA, or 12-Step Treatment (Sharp Press, March 1, 2000).

The transfers are accomplished by taxes or some other policy that has the same effect, for example, theft, bribe demands, forced participation , nationalization or expropriation.2 Government is simply a conduit for such transfers and does not appear as a separate entity.

Napoleon’s regime (1804–15) brought improved laws and administration to Capranica but also military conscription, forced participation in distant and bloody wars, and the deportation of those who wanted to remain loyal to the old regime.

Centino is accused of murdering a Genoshan politician; as punishment, he is sentenced to forced participation in a reality show where he will be hunted for sport.

Since the act ” forced participation of the State’s executive in the actual administration of a federal program”, it was unconstitutional.