football team in a sentence

We are hoping to arrange a fixture for our football team on Sunday.

The students are planning a rally to support their football team in the city finals.

Our football team has a good defense.

At this moment Forbes Magazine values the football team at $1.9 billion.

The young men on the Bremerton High football team need their coach back.

Best execution that we’ve seen from their football team all season long.

It’s part of a fundraiser that the football team and parents came up with.

Vazquez Aldir also owns Mexican football team Gallos Blancos del Queretaro.

The storm also stranded members of the Besiktas football team at the airport.

An enthusiastic coach takes over a football team at an inner-city high school.

The University of Colorado football team also will observe a moment of silence.

Butler’s fast caused members of Mizzou’s football team to step into the protest.

Feds Intervene in Washington Football Team Trademark Dispute The e-mail field is required.

They walked off the field wanting to be a better football team than they were during the game.

Known as “Zae,” the teen played on the Fulton High School football team with his brother, Zack.