football hooligan in a sentence

We were treated like the worst kind of football hooligans .

And it wasn’t 500 football hooligans , not 5000!

Police arrest 26 suspected football hooligans across Britain after a mass operation.

football hooligans , they called them over here.

The party also recruited skinheads and football hooligans .

Crowd violence did not arrive with the football hooligans .

Some football hooligans will be familiar with this one.

There are some indications that the action goals of football hooligans are changing.

And it wasn’t 5000 football hooligans , it was more around 600!

Subsequently, the “casual” subculture transformed the British football hooligan scene.

So where do the football hooligans fit in here, you may wonder?

What about lager louts and football hooligans ?

Russian Football Hooligan Gang Fight IN The Woods!

Lokomotiv Plovdiv also has a well-recognised football hooligan fan base.

Since the 1980s, football hooligans have displayed a callous cunning and organisation.

HESS security is headed by a man with links to football hooligans , it alleged.

Russian football hooligans Spartak vs Zenit part2 MASSIVE GANG FIGHT!

Many of them seem to be petty football hooligans looking for an adrenaline buzz from confrontations.

In this division or career framework it is the Rowdies who are the typical football hooligans .

It is difficult to point to the material goals which football hooligans or juvenile delinquents are chasing.

As well as banning orders, similar to those used to ban football hooligans from football matches.

Thatcher supports the ban and calls for judges to hand out stiffer sentences to convicted football hooligans .

Make people down South realize there’s more to the North than muck and football hooligans .