Flourish in a sentence

use Flourish in a sentence


1. [verb] to grow steadily, make progress;

Victoria is quickly becoming a flourishing center for bicycle tourism.

Our roses are really flourishing in this nice weather.

Greece is the world’s third leading producer of olives, which flourish in the dry climate.

2. [verb]To wave in the air back and forth;

The girl flourished her flag.

The president flourished his hat to cheer the crowds.

1. [noun] a showy motion, gesture;

Bronwyn always signed her name with a flourish.

She entered the with a great flourish.

2. [noun]A showy part of music.

The opera began with a flourish of drums and trumpets.

3. [noun]a curved line used to decorate a writing;

Tom’s literature homework was full of stylish flourishes.