Flibbertigibbet in a sentence

Definition of Flibbertigibbet

a gossipy person who talks a great deal about silly things

use Flibbertigibbet in a sentence

Sally is a flibbertigibbet who speaks about silly topics for hours.

She was a flibbertigibbet  at the party, quite different from the shy girl she seemed in the office.

His sister, normally a flibbertigibbet  , was strangely quiet throughout the evening.

He’s a nice sort of person but becomes a when he is flibbertigibbet  with his close friends.

The teacher warned Tom who is a real flibbertigibbet during lessons.

On her good days she can be a flibbertigibbet , but this is a bad day and she is mostly silent.

The more drunk he got, the more flibbertigibbet  he became.

I think you are a flibbertigibbet. You will certainly let the cat out of the bag.

I couldn’t imagine how she had ever tricked him into marrying her. My grandmother always called Caroline a ” flibbertigibbet, ” and for once, I agreed with her.