flashback in a sentence

Scientists have speculated that marijuana could help veterans suffering from PTSD symptoms, including anxiety, flashbacks and depression.

Symptoms include reliving the trauma in flashbacks and nightmares, and feeling edgy, irritable and constantly on guard, making it hard to sleep.

780631 There were flashbacks and memories freshened up, a lot of sadness – even though, at the same time it brings the relief of knowing, says Muge.”

Lawmakers responded to advocates who said marijuana might help them minimize the effects of PTSD, such as flashbacks, anxiety and avoidance behaviors.

She only appears in the series in flashbacks.

He can also be seen in various flashback stories.

flashback to Soo-in’s story about her first love.

He then has a flashback going back three years ago.

In his flashback, Grampa dances in Riverdance style.

The flashback scenes in the film are not dealt well.

flashback to Ted coming home from brunch with Stella.

The next scene takes place at a farm, in a flashback.

Steven Soderbergh uses an atypical flashback sequence.

The story he tells Maya is depicted in long flashbacks.

During a flashback Hank remembers a visit from his father.

Plot flashbacks A series of flashbacks explain Kate’s crime.

In another flashback, Edie takes Lynette out to cheer her up.

All information on her is received in flashbacks and memories.

Fraser often has flashbacks of this scene throughout the film.

The character of Kate was featured in the episode’s flashbacks.

This was revealed in the flashback episode, ” Brother’s Keeper “.

The flashback takes place soon after her daughter-in-law’s death.

flashbacks in 10-11 (Vol.2) have shown he had an abusive father.