flabbergasted in a sentence

Your writing taste has been flabbergasted me .

The dentist was flabbergasted at our prices.

I was flabbergasted by all the unexpected attention.

Everyone was buzzing and flabbergasted by your skill.

I’m actually flabbergasted by the similarities.

He was flabbergasted how it turned out.

I ‘m really flabbergasted by that reference.

In a word, I was flabbergasted .

They emerged from the cinema, tear stained and emotionally flabbergasted .

I am absolutely flabbergasted at this posting and the comments .

Téa is flabbergasted ; she never had much money.

Friends were ‘ flabbergasted ‘ by the split.

I was flabbergasted , I kid you not.

I was flabbergasted and so was my manager Billy Bonds.

Didi is flabbergasted at this ability he has shown.

I am just flabbergasted the professionals involved cared not and did nothing.

Gable said, “I was flabbergasted .

On seeing this, Mamoon was flabbergasted and amazed.

There’s an undercurrent of flabbergasted awe.

I’m flabbergasted that no alternative view of this research is offered.

I was flabbergasted and figured, well, maybe I missed something.

I am flabbergasted at the amount of vitriol in some postings.

I was flabbergasted , however wonderfully reassured, to receive an integrated service.

Raan assures the flabbergasted Koenig this is not a dream.

Even the court mediator was flabbergasted .